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Like for real. We know. We have owned (and sold) a few businesses in our day. Here’s the thing though, if you were like us, you bought into the idea that being a solopreneur was all roses and sunshine in the most awesome of ways.
Spending your mornings in hipster coffee shops responding to all of your inquiries, and happily punching on your computer.
I bet you, like us, didn’t realize that reality is a big meany

In order for you to respond to the scads of inquiries flooding into your inbox first you have to hustle… HARD.

There’s the website, the logo, the pricing, and the marketing, and the networking and the blogging and the taxes.

Don’t forget the self doubt.
Is it my logo? My colour palette?
That’s why people are booking the guy down the street and not me, right?

What matters to most clients, at least the ones you really want,
is how they connect with you,
if they connect with you.

That’s where we come in.



Arguably the most important part of the design process.

Brand-storming session to determine the importance of who you are, what you’re selling and how we can design it into your site.



  • Based on your questionnaire and preliminary interview, we will construct 2 logo identities for you to choose from. After you’ve made your choice we’ll go in and fine tune it to blow you away!

  • You will receive the following logo file types:
    .png with transparent background for web use
    .png your logo black & white color with transparent background
    .eps high resolution. The original format, vector editable and resizable file in 300 dpi (CMYK color system)
    .psd the photoshop file flattened
    .jpg high resolution
    Flattened .psd file for background papers.



  • Your site will be responsive, cohesive and highly designed.

  • You can expect the following types of customization:
    Custom Homepage layout with interactive buttons that enhance the look of your brand
    Custom Background(s)
    Custom page layouts and embellishments. Site functionality based on you and your end clients needs
    Additional embedded forms (if required) i.e. client intake form.
    When selecting Wordpress as a platform. Sidebar development with widget customizations.



  • BONUS!  You get all of the files used to build your site.  That means, you can use them for future marketing materials, or to maintain and update your site.

  • One scheduled call 2 weeks post launch to make any small tweaks to your site found once up and running.

( I know, it feels icky to us too! We so want to fit you in right away.
We are typically booked out about 6-12 weeks in advance but always hit us up.
Sometimes things come up and people want to push back their start dates and we find ourselves with an unexpected window of creativity! )